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YOUR VEHICLE IS AT RISK ! Thousands of cars are stolen every day from people who didn't think it would happen to them. According to FBI 2010 report, in the United States alone, a motor vehicle is stolen every 42.8 seconds,that works out 2,019 motor vehicles stolen daily.In Malaysia, an average of 150 cars are stolen daily.The financial burden and personal hassle of having a car stolen can be tremendous.

RASLOK is your first and ultimate choice to protect your car from being stolen!

RASLOK is the only car lock with great reputation that even professional thieves would have avoided.

The revolutionary patented design and locking mechanism make RASLOK stand out from ordinary locks. It took years of research, development and industry experience to lead to a major breakthrough in the fight against professional thieves. Made from reinforced super hard steel, together with its highly visible deterrent and excellent design for Reliability and Security, RASLOK helps to prevent your car from being stolen as it proves exceptionally hard to remove without the key.

You Have To Know


Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said the high number of thefts was due to the demand not only for new but also old vehicles, which are cannibalised for their parts.
A total of 57,462 vehicle thefts were reported in 2010 while the number was 55,041 as of September 2011, he said.


Keyless car entry and start systems make it easy to get on the road, but they could also make it easier for criminals to take off with your car. And strong encryption won't solve the problem. Armed with antennas, researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland were able to trick 10 models from 8 manufacturers into thinking the car key fob was within proximity and drive away with these "stolen" vehicles. No scratched doors, no broken glass, and no busted ignitions--it's a hack that's anything but.


Vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems emit a low-level signal that can only be detected by a key fob paired with the vehicle. When the fob is close enough to the vehicle to detect the signal (typically 20 feet), it automatically issues a command to unlock the doors and enable the push-button ignition. The key fob codes are encrypted, but that's irrelevant.

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